Change Your Credit, Change Your Life

When you get your credit in order, your life opens to up rewards that you didn’t even know were possible.


“ John’s the man. If he says it I do it! John has helped me turn round my credit score, and has shown me how to collect points so I hardly spend a penny to go on vacation ”

Harry Godsell

My story

I’m John Howard: personal finance expert.

I am here to share secrets from the lending community on improving your credit scores! My hope is to add value to people’s lives by educating them and assisting in living the savviest financial life possible and showing how you can travel the world for free, take vacations and make every day purchases all with credit card points and miles!

I’ve processed 1,000,000 mortgage applications over the last 15 years and my philosophy is – Change Your Credit, Change Your Life!

I personally use my points and miles at every hotel I stay in, every rental car, all vacations and even dining out!

This site is all about teaching you to do the same.

Change your credit, change your life!