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Want to get Credit, but not sure if you’ll qualify due to average,
below average or no Credit?

Even with average, below average or no credit, a credit card is still a useful tool. You can use a card to help you establish credit, boost your credit file or begin fixing past credit mistakes.

Not having any credit history can often be just as restrictive as poor credit. Many credit cards for poor credit are also some of the best for no credit history. People who are new to credit or with average credit (often considered below 660 FICO) can try starter credit cards, secured cards or unsecured credit cards for poor credit.

Secured vs. unsecured credit
cards for bad credit

The two types of credit cards most commonly available to people with poor credit are secured cards and unsecured cards. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages, primarily surrounding affordability, and deciding which one is best may come down to a few key differences.

Some of the best credit cards for bad credit are secured, which means the issuer requires a security deposit to get the card. Credit card security deposits serve as collateral for an issuer in exchange for lending a line of credit to what it may consider to be a “risky” borrower.

Secured credit cards are tools for building credit because they typically have more relaxed credit requirements, which could make them more accessible to people with average, limited or poor credit. However, secured cards often carry higher APRs than cards for better credit (often considered above 660 FICO).

Unsecured credit cards for poor credit differ slightly from secured cards in that they do not require a security deposit. If a consumer prefers not to (or can’t) provide the funds for a security deposit, unsecured cards for bad credit are available, though they usually aren’t as common.

Many unsecured credit cards for poor credit tend to be expensive, since they also have high APRs (even higher than on some secured cards) and some can even charge annual fees.

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Having Credit Accounts represents 10% of your Credit Scores!

The "Total Accounts" or "Account Mix" category of your Credit Scores represents 10% of your Credit Scores! Here, the best brackets which are the "good" and "excellent" brackets start at a minimum # of 11 Credit Accounts! A Credit Account is any Credit Card, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage Loan, Secured Card and even Department Store card! Start adding Credit Accounts today!

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What makes up your Credit Score ?

  1. Payment History

    Category where your on time payments are tracked. The worst bracket here is an average of 97% or less on time payments so its imperative to make all payments on time!

  2. Amounts Owed

    This is "utilization" or "credit card use", any utilization over 30% dramatically affects your scores.

  3. Length of Credit History

    You have no control of this category, it is the average length of all credit accounts, so its helpful to not close old credit accounts!

  4. New Credit

    Category that factors in frequency of new accounts being attempted or opened. Too many attempted(hard inquiries) or opened is negative.

  5. Types of Credit

    "Total Accounts" or "Account Mix" category, # of accounts for the good bracket start at 11. "Account Mix" is a mixture of credit accounts(credit card, personal loan, auto loan, mortgage)."