Introducing our Escape Velocity Guaranteed Credit Bonus Package & FIA (Financial Independence Accelerator) Program - Designed For ALL FICO Credit Score ranges!

Get $50,000+ in 0% Credit *GUARANTEED AND in as little as 5 days!

Average Approvals are $50,000 - $250,000!

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Our Escape Velocity Guaranteed Approval Credit BONUS Package contains essential tools to launch your own credit lines by investing w/ Margin & 20+ years of ETF & growth stock investing secrets w/ returns up to 10,000%!

Why go at this alone? 
Join our 0% Credit & Financial Independence Accelerator Program and get a dedicated account manager + our Guaranteed Approval Credit BONUS Package!  

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  • Almost everyone needs access to cash, income and/or credit ALL of the time in order to simply exist and live our lives...
  • Access the credit you need now (and later), generate income, start investing & access credit! 
  • ​Learn decades of investing secrets from a pro managing dozens of tech stocks w/ a track record of 5 10X + returns! 
  • ​Launch a system to generate significant income even if you're starting w/ only a few hundred dollars (like launching YouTube Cash Cow Channels)! 
  • ​Launch your life of wealth, investing and financial independence!  

Our Guaranteed Credit BONUS Package IS NOT a course

  • It IS a Bonus Package guide demonstrating an effective way to launch & access Guaranteed Approval credit lines w/ rates lower than mortgages, ALL w/ NO Monthly Payment, NO SSN credit check, and NO DTI (Debt-To-Income) requirement!  
  • ​It IS a multi media Blueprint Guide succinctly showing you a clear path to a world of wealth through decades of proven investing strategies (returns up to 100X) & Guaranteed Approval margin credit (even if you only have a few hundred dollars)!
  • ​It IS a multi media Blueprint Guide showing how to use margin against the value of investments inside of an online brokerage account to create a whole new line of credit w/ out even having a monthly payment! 
  • ​It IS a guide for new and seasoned investors to discover & learn a new strategy to identify the most promising Growth ETF's & Growth Stocks in the US!
  • ​It IS a Bonus Package which offers a holding hand on generating significant income from modern, cutting edge online programs (specifically launching YouTube Cash Cow Channels)!
  • ​It IS a guide also highlighting exactly how to increase your FICO credit scores so as to get the best interest rates, rewards and credit lines from other sources! 
  • ​It IS also a blueprint guide containing ALL US companies that offer a free FICO score + which bureau the FICO score is with (90% of ALL Lenders use FICO)!
  • ​It IS also a blueprint guide showing exactly how you can maximize the world of credit to achieve financial independence! 

Specially Designed For Those With Credit Score Less Than 670

Use The Proven Blueprint To Get Your Credit Score Boosted By At Least 100 Points In 90 Days 

Woman with better credit score shopping
Inside Your Guaranteed Approval Credit BONUS Package You'll Find:
The QuickApply Guaranteed Approval Credit Bonus Package contains the essential information and tools that will enable you to launch & access credit lines that can grow over time - here's exactly what you're going to get:
1. Low Rate Margin Credit Comparison Guide
There are 3 modern online brokerage firms with rates lower than mortgages - you get these + leading online brokerage firms margin rates and equity requirements. The lowest rate is 1.6%!
2. Margin Credit Education & why it works!
Margin Credit rates are lower than mortgages, there is no monthly payment, no DTI requirement and no SSN Credit Check! Need we say more?
3. ETF's & Stocks Investing education!
You get investing insights from an investor that has been investing since 1989 w/ a system has that yielded a 90X return in Netflix! This system has also led to a track record of 12 100%+, 8 200%+, 6 300%+, 6 400%+, 5 600%+, 5 1000% (10X)+, 2 33X+ stock picks!  
4. Growth ETF's & Growth Stocks
Whether you like the comfort of ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) or are feeling bold and want to try stocks our blueprint covers deep analysis on Growth stocks and Growth ETF's and we highlight a 6 point scoring system for analyzing Growth Stocks.   
5. Initial Purchases and Ongoing Management
We highlight strategies for your initial purchases, subsequent purchases and ongoing management of your portfolios. You'll learn some of the top % allocation secrets of an accomplished investor that has a track record of 5 1000% (10X)+, 2 35X+ and 1 90X stock picks!   
6. Generate Income Online
Our FREE blueprint also comes with the biggest Bonus - special programs for generating income online! Generating Income + Investing + Credit = Financial Independence. 

One of our special programs is to earn from YouTube Cash Cow channels, YouTube is virtually unmatched in creating traffic! 
Get Your FREE Guaranteed Approval Credit BONUS Package NOW & also receive these BONUSES!
1. FREE FICO Scores Guide
If you live in the US having and maintaining good credit is crucial. Our FREE FICO scores guide shows what financial group you can get a FREE FICO score from and which bureau the score is from. Many groups charge monthly for providing access to FREE FICO credit scores. 
2. Generate Income Online 
"Best way to make money online" Google search returns 4.22 Billion results! One of our newest and most cutting edge programs is YouTube Cash Cow Channels - launch and grow your own traffic and create an online empire!  
3. QuickApply Quick Credit Fix Methods
"Fire Movement" Google search returns 1.05 Billion results! (Financial Independence Retire Early). Worried about climbing the ladder of credit steps all on your own? No problem - we show you how to do it (DIY) OR we'll do it for you (DFY)!

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take" 

- Wayne Gretzky, leading scorer in NHL history

You'll ALSO Get The QuickApply Quick Credit Fix Method:
It is imperative to know what Average or below average credit actually costs you. Take some easy, but necessary steps to improve your FICO scores so that you can get the best interest rates, 0% APR, the best rewards + save as much as you can! 
1. You Must Know Your FICO Scores at Each Bureau
90% of lenders make decisions based on your FICO score yet you won't know which bureau they will use! Our Blueprint has ALL US Groups that offer a FICO score for Free!
2. Increase your FICO Score Instantly and 100% free
In addition to ALL US Groups offering a free FICO score (+ the bureau the score is with) we also have many pages of Exact Steps to increase your FICO Credit Scores + the place you can go for an instant boost! 
3. The Consolidation strategy "Quinfecta"
Discover the Financial Consolidation Strategy Quinfecta! It is a simple and achievable consolidation strategy for anyone to get 5 wins w/ 1 strategy!
Follow The QuickApply Quick Credit Fix Method And Get Results Like These!
  • FICO Credit Scores Of 700 + In 90 Days Or LESS (in most cases)!
  • Lower interest rates, 0% APR, the most advanced rewards + MORE Savings for YOU!
  • ​Access to bigger Credit lines + launch your path to Investing & Financial Independence!

Access your Guaranteed Approval Credit Lines w/ rates lower than mortgages and NO monthly payment and your path to Investing NOW!


What You Get NOW

  •  Dedicated account managers and team to get you approved on 0% Credit up to $250,000
  • ​4 Sources of Guaranteed Approval Credit Lines w/ rates of 3.5% or lower (unlimited Credit limits)
  • Decades of Investing secrets from an Investing expert w/ 5 10X returns to his track record!  
  • Accessing credit through Margin in your Investment Accounts/Online Brokerage ($1000's + Value)
  • The Consolidation Strategy "quinfecta" ($1000 + Value
  • BONUS: The time tested & proven 6 point scoring system to evaluate a Growth Tech Stock
  • BONUS:  Critical Financial education on how investing in just the S&P 500 nets you 8.2%+ (100 year ave)
  • BONUS:  Guide on ALL Groups in US which offer free FICO scores + the bureau of this free FICO ($100's + Value)
  • BONUS:  We will introduce you to and hold your hand on multiple modern, cutting edge programs to generate significant income online! 
  • ​BONUS: Exact Steps to Increase your FICO Scores for any FICO range ($1000's + Value)
"I worked with John to find the best online brokerage for me and I was approved in minutes for my margin credit! Now I enjoy the stability and consistency of just investing in S&P 500 index funds and still earn a 8%+ return after the super low margin rate is factored in! My credit is just OK!"
Elizabeth Merryman
"While working with John I was able to able to identify cutting edge and modern online brokerage firms that offered rates for less than half of my traditional brokerage firms of Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab. I have been investing for 40+ years and I was so shocked that John showed me that these newer groups have interest rates lower than what mortgage rates are now! 
Myron Spence

"Money is like an arm or leg - Use it or lose it!"

-Henry Ford

Meet Your Guide to the Guaranteed Approval Credit BONUS Package + ETF & Growth Stock Investing:

In case you're one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I'll show you how to launch & access guaranteed approval credit lines for all credit types w/ 4 sources that have rates lower than mortgages w/ NO monthly payment, NO DTI requirement & NO SSN credit check! It may sound too good to be true, but it's NOT! It's what the wealthy have done for decades! 

While I'll show you how to launch this margin credit I will also show you how to invest in stocks, Growth Stocks and index funds (ETF's)! I will also show you top ways to generate income online (specifically YouTube Cash Cow Channels)!

There's no catch. and you will NOT be signing up for any trial to some monthly subscription program.

  • Launch & Access 0% Credit up to $250,000 
  • ​Launch & Access Margin Credit
  • ​Generate Income from multiple programs
  • ​ Start investing in Growth Stocks & ETF's 
  • ​ Realize Financial Independence

"My investing system & secrets have yielded a return in Netflix of 100X+ and a track record of 12 100%, 8 200%, & 5 10X+ stock picks! I also own and manage a portfolio of dozens of growth stocks!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Guaranteed Approval Credit & Investing Bonus Package for?
This extraordinary Guaranteed Credit Bonus Package is for anyone, but is especially designed to assist the lower FICO credit score audiences. It's for anyone looking to easily launch margin credit with rates as low as 1.6%, anyone looking to start or level up on their investing, anyone looking to make the best and strongest growth tech companies part of their financial picture, anyone looking to get the best loans or credit with the lowest interest possible rates, anyone looking to increase their FICO Credit Scores and anyone looking to launch and/or achieve Financial Independence.  .
Will I get instant access?
Yes, as soon as you join our FIA program you'll get instant access to this extraordinary Guaranteed Approval Margin Credit Blueprint.
My credit bad. Can this help me?
YES! This Blueprint is designed FOR YOU! Our guide is not only easy to follow, it contains many tools and resources to special links to our programs and YouTube content. Follow the "recipe" and experience life changing results!

Try our 0% Financial Independence Accelerator Program & Bonus Package risk free! If you don't like our 0% FIA program I'll even let you keep the entire Bonus Package! specializes in helping consumers with personal financial products such as credit cards, personal loans, home loans, insurance, auto loans, credit education, rewards lifestyle education, and assisting with credit improvement. At our #1 goal is empowering our customers! We do this by making our financial service provider marketplace technology open to consumers, assisting them in saving money and educating them on elevating their credit situation. We connect consumers to our vast database of reputable financial service providers according to the consumer information provided.

We work with the nation's most reputable financial service providers to provide the best options and we offer nationwide coverage so we can help every American possible. is not a lender and does not loan money. 

*GUARANTEED references the company which provides the service for individuals and businesses to get funding and loans and that if credit requirements are met they can guarantee some funding. 
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