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Utilization represents 30% of your Credit Scores!

"Utilization" or "credit card use" represents 30% of your credit scores. If the utilization of your credit balances is over 30% this will have a dramatic negative impact on your credit scores. One of the best tricks in the credit world is to pay down your credit card or revolving balances with a personal loan. A personal loan is an installment loan and here there is no "utilization". Also, personal loans usually have fixed rates and often lower interest rates than credit cards thus much less interest is paid over the life of the loan.

We’ve processed 1,000,000 applications online

Having Credit Accounts represents 10% of your Credit Scores!

The "Total Accounts" or "Account Mix" category of your Credit Scores represents 10% of your Credit Scores! Here, the best brackets which are the "good" and "excellent" brackets start at a minimum # of 11 Credit Accounts! A Credit Account is any Credit Card, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Mortgage Loan, Secured Card and even Department Store card! Start adding Credit Accounts today!